Sewing, craftwork, creativity and life

About me

Living in Launceston, Australia, I began craftwork – sewing, crochet, knitting when I was very young, and have continued to cultivate this creativity throughout my life and travels.

I have also been a professional resume writer for 17 years – helping people to make their career dreams come true, and assisting them to manage their recruitment tasks. It’s been a worthwhile, “right livelihood” role, which has given me enormous satisfaction, my clients are empowered with a self-esteem boost every time they see me, and it has kept me out of the craft room.

I love having fun, the creative arts and am passionate about vintage everything, including buying and sewing vintage clothing, learning about bygone couture elements and creating a vintage wardrobe is an ongoing pastime. In the process of setting up an Etsy shop, I hope to sell a range of upcycled and new wares to customers who appreciate the work.

My crowded craft obsession is shared with my partner K and adorable Labradoodle pup Dusty who keeps us on our toes.

Try and keep up as I cycle through the many crafts I carry on with 🙂



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