Firstly I should say, as per the vagaries of the Big 4 Pattern Companies, this pattern number is an earlier version – so it is a little girl’s dress, not the glamorous ladie’s dress in the later 5009 version.Simplicity 5009 (1)

I just bought a bunch of vintage sewing patterns for a great price, many Weigel’s (the earliest being 1950) and whoever owned these patterns before had a decided love of Simplicity patterns.

Besides lovingly looking through them, ironing the packages, removing tape, checking the pieces et cetera, I really did want to jump in and make something. This little girl’s dress was so gorgeous and I figured it would be a quick make, so my Sunday was a productive one.

This gorgeous little dress has very few pattern pieces – front, back, collar, and back and front neck facings. There is no armhole facing supplied but the instructions say to attach a bias strip. Of course not reading the instructions I first tried bias binding, but it would not sit flat. Next I just used the hemmer foot and turned over the armhole.


The instructions did not say to interface the collar, but I did this anyway. Maybe it wasn’t really necessary as it does sit quite proud, so perhaps I would not do this next time.

Firstly I stay-stiched the neckline back and front and overlocked seam edges.  I sewed the collar first up, clipped and turned. Sewed front and back at shoulders. The turned a hem on the armholes – I’m not really satisfied with this, so will try something different.

Then I sewed the neck facing pieces together, then sewed the collar and facing pieces to the neckline. The collar cam up a bit long, so I would increase my seam allowance on the collar next time.

The pockets have a rounded bottom. I cut a cardboard template and placed it on a larger sheet of baking paper on the ironing board. By pulling the baking paper over, it is possible to get an even and smooth fold around your pocket (thank you Robyn Bauer for that neat trick). Next I attached lace to the top of the pocket and folded it over, just to make it pretty, and sewed the pockets onto the front.


Side seams next, then I made a loop from the material for the back opening (instructions say to sew a thread loop but I didn’t have the patience for that). I should have done this earlier and stitched it in under the neck facing, but sadly I didn’t. So if anyone cares to look, they will see it sitting on top of the facing. Meh.

I hunted around in my button collection for something just right and found a large and a small button in red, from the same set. Perfect. I attached the small one to the back neck opening, and the large one at the front neck, just for decoration.


I serged the hem, folded and sewed down. However I wasn’t happy with that, so I unpicked it. I then machine basted the lower edge of the front and back separately, then made slight gathers to make the hem line even, and hand stitched. I do love a hand stitched hem.


Et voila – job done. So cute <3.