Since owning my overlocker I’ve had to come to grips with what to do with the left over tails. If left as they are, they become messy, but I’ve also found other methods aren’t much better.

I have come up with this method of cleaning up and securing serger tails, and as I haven’t seen it anywhere else I thought I’d make it a blog.

The standard methods that are discussed include, somehow turning the work over after finishing serging and sewing back over your work. This sounds great, I’ve not quite figured it out and/or forget which way to turn the work, not to mention avoiding the cutting blade.

The second involves threading the tail back through the stitches then securing with a dab of fray stop. I find this fiddly, I cant always get all the threads in the tail through the stitches and it doesn’t always leave a clean finish.

So here is my current go to method. When finished serging, go to your normal sewing machine. My machines are side by side so I just turn from one to the other.

Using zig-zag stitch, I stitch the tail to the seam allowance.

I then apply fray stopper and snip off the left over tail.

So far this seems to be the quick and easy method for me. Try it. It may work for you too. Happy sewing 🤗